Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekend ponderings

It was an interesting 30 minutes. First I listened to this show, then I read chapter 9 from Blue Like Jazz, titled, " Change. New starts at Ancient Faith". 

I have never listened to Tom Woods' show before but sometimes, well often times on the internet, you come across something and it leads to something else and pretty soon you can't recall how you ended up where you did. But there I was and so I listened. 

"Politics is downstream from culture.......  if you want to change public policy, you have to change culture..." - Steve Deace

Made me think, "What am I doing to affect American culture?" 

So then I opened the book and read the aforementioned chapter and it's basically about a guy who started leading a college Bible study, said all the right things, did all the right things, but lost his first love, who then needed to take a break and seek the Lord again. 

Go! Do! 

Rest! Be still! 

Two very different commands and ideas. 

I sat there in my bed thinking through the last few minutes and how it all applied to me. 

I prayed and this is what God told me: 

"Choose righteousness. 
You know that River Run for Orphans race coming up? Run.  
You know those four children in the next room? Raise them up in the Lord. 
You know that husband of yours who works his hiney off to support his family? Encourage him. 

Choose to be apart of the many good things that are happening all around that will change our culture, that will build up people and gently encourage them to walk with Me."

If we serve out of the overflow of love coming down from God we will continue on and this culture will be affected. The key is to not lose our first love. The key is to be all about Jesus. Not politics. Not food. Not jobs and how to school our children. When we lean fully on Christ and seek Him, all those other things will fall into place. 

Happy Saturday to you all! May you be thinking big thoughts and doing small things to help bring about a beautiful culture that glorifies God. 

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