Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a good life

I can not believe it has been over a month since I last wrote anything on this here blog. There have been times when I have thought to, late at night already lying in bed, and decided to roll over and sleep instead. I have written in my journal a descent amount too. It feels good to write. To get the thoughts out that become jumbled in my head and sometimes don't know how to sort themselves out.

It's been a busier and busier life since have this fourth child. Committing to things and meeting new people and making sure all my children don't stink too bad and are learning new things on a regular basis! 

I have not picked up my camera as much as I should be but I have been taking it all in, into this brain of mine that fails me with memory, but at least I enjoy the moments as they come. Maybe when we get to heaven our memories will be restored to full capacity as well as our bodies!

Little Liam Lovers has found his toes! I thought that maybe he was a wee bit too chubby in the middle to grab them but no he is not! Everytime I change his diaper and has freedom, he lifts those rolley legs up and barely grasps those pudgy little toes!
He loves to stand up and see all around. Just these last few days he has been sleeping a longer stretch through the night. He talks and talks and blows bubbles and all in all is a happy and healthy 4 MONTH old baby!

On the other hand...

This seems to be said on a regular basis lately. Micheal and I are praying God would direct our steps in a very specific way. Here's the thing though. He hasn't yet. :) So we just keep rolling around ideas and praying about them and STAY PUT until He speaks or opens a door. Staying put is not our forte. Isn't it just more fun to move and do something new! Well, that's how we think at least. But I have this feeling, He might be having us stay put for longer than we initially thought and that's OK with us. We have a lot of growing to do yet, and I think this staying put thing might be just what we need.

This is the first time in 3 years that when we were to go out of town we knew we were going to miss a couple of gatherings and we were actually sad that we were going to miss them. I think this desert is becoming home. Mainly that has to do with our church. With just over 2 months of attending The Springs Calvary Chapel, we feel like family. It's a good feeling. No, it's fantastic!!

We are looking forward to hearing just what it is that Christ wants for our family and for the moment that looks like our life right now! Being married and parents and offering our skills and talents to those ministries we feel led to and growing in our own walks with the Father, and meeting new people and getting to know each other more deeply. As confusing as Micheal and I like to make things, God is showing us that to live for Him is really quite simple. Obey Him and love, love, love. :) 

And this is what we are pursuing.