Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feeding your imagination

If you know me or have read this blog even just a few times, you will know that I am a simple girl. I don't write about grand things. Well, that's not true. I write about the grand things of life in a non-grandiose kind of way. :) I mean isn't all of life grand in some way or another?

I dream of using a large vocabulary and knowing how to put the words together just so and making them sound beautiful at the same time. I am not there, yet. Semi colons; they still get me! But I like to read and that is a great way to learn. This blog is a fun way for me to grow in those areas also. 

And, oh the reading!  I just finished this fantastic book called Paradise Lost. Have you heard of it? I have to laugh a little writing that question out because  I am sure most of you have, but to be honest I hadn't until just a few weeks ago. Kind of funny because it has been around since the 17th century! It's a good one. It is the first classic I have read!

Have you ever heard people talk about going to Israel and how when you go and actually see what it looks like, smell the smells and walk through the towns where Jesus walked, the Bible comes to life? 

This book does that for me! I won't be going back in time to the fall of man and I can't go into heaven to see what all goes on up there(not yet!), but Mr. John Milton uses words in such a descriptive way, I feel like I am right there in the story. 

It paints a detailed picture of "Paradise Lost". Mainly the fall of Satan and the angels that decided to follow suit, the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and what their days could have been like, and the anguish of Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit.  There are beautiful conversations between God and Jesus and between Adam and Eve and saddening/maddening conversations between the devil and the rest of the fallen angels plotting against God's treasured humans. 

Paradise Lost has been a wonderful book for me. The vivid pictures it has painted helps me envision what happened. It has given me the experience of "going there." That's what a good book will do for you! It has helped me think through creation and how it must have been for our ancient parents to have gone through what they did. It reminded me of God's grace and mercy and His decision to give us freewill.  It is a book that will stick with me for a long time. 
I wish everyone would read it! 

Just this last week, I have realized that I do not learn well by listening. I am definitely a visual and kinesthetic learner. Although I will say that being a Christian and going to church for 22 years, I have learned things from sitting quietly and listening, so all those years of church going have not been in vain. 
It's been an interesting week with this newfound knowledge. I have known my children's learning styles but for some reason have never thought about my own. All this to say, I have really enjoyed reading this year and I feel like the combination of reading and writing things down as I go, AKA journaling and keeping the dictionary close by, helps to concrete the info in my ever forgetful brain. 

What have you been reading? What have you been learning about yourself? 

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