Saturday, February 23, 2013

90 days

We are getting into the fun age!! While I loved the cuddliness of a newborn and the smells too, I really love the smiles he gives when he is nursing. The coos of laughter when he is tickled. The longer than 2 hours at a time sleeping. Still not sleeping through the night but all in good time right?! 

He is grabbing anything he can right now. Including Grace and I's hair! I am contemplating cutting mine all off and trying to convince Grace to get bangs again. What a stubborn and strong-willed girl I have! Apparently I was the same, well I mean, am the same! 

Liam has fallen asleep in Grace's arms more times than I can count! 
In the middle of cooking dinner or when Mom has to pee, I can count on her to grab him and within a short couple of minutes he is fast asleep. Then the task of trying to get him to stay asleep while she maneuvers herself out! The funny things we do with babies! 

His hands are in his mouth constantly as of the last few days and I wonder if he is teething already. He refuses a pacifier and one night had me cracking up as I tried to give it to him over and over and he just smiled nicely and spit it out! 
Zade wouldn't take a paci either. Genetics can be so interesting, can't they? 
He looks like Zade and his birth had similarities too. His sleeping habits are like Zade also. 

This week was the first week I looked at Liam and thought he might just be our baby. I feel so content with where we are at as a family. Not saying we are going to do anything permanent, but we are full and blessed. 

Seems like we have had him far longer than 3 short months! So much happens in just one day. 

It's snowy, windy and COLD here today so we are enjoying hot coffee and a roaring fire! I'm hoping to catch up on some reading.

Have a blessed weekend wherever you are!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep your head up

This is how I have felt at times this last week. Bleh! 

I have felt this way too! Yay! 

But mostly like this. :) Interpret how you would like! 

Sure, call me an emotional roller coaster. Call me a baby!

Sometimes life is more hard when you feel like you are on the verge of something different but it has not yet happened or maybe it never will! You aren't settled and yet you don't know if you are not settled either. Might not make a lot of sense but this is how I feel. 

My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings. 

As the week has worn on, I find myself reminded to PRAY. And to rest. 
Pray specific. Pray for His will, not my own. Rest in Him for He knows best. 

Praying for the Great God of this world to touch down in my heart today and this week, to give me peace about where I am at and the future. 
Praying that I would not strive against God but let Him do His thing in our lives. 

Thankful for the early morning time with Jesus. He has reminded me of what matters and what is going to burn up. And so, I keep pressing on toward the prize. I keep fighting the good fight to win my prize.... Eternity with JESUS! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

To the hill!

It was nice to be at the end of a looooonng hilly driveway! 
The kids probably went down this 100 times. Grace learned how to snowboard a little. Us parents watched. All had a good time. 

The sun was shining and the wind was NOT blowing. Praise God! 

Monday morning I totally had a pity party. I called Micheal and whined about laundry and dishes and the responsibilities of life. (Hey, just keeping it real!)
He listened so patiently and then he told a funny joke and made me feel better! I wanted to stay and vacation longer but apparently vacation costs money and money does not come easily. Darn! 
No but really it was a great weekend and hopefully we can make it up there again this summer. Great memories with great people! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 goals

This is me. 
These are some goals for me this year.
Kind of intimidating sharing these goals but alas here they are. 
When you sit down to make a list like this, some things come to you 
quite easily and others are brought to your attention throughout the 
day as you see you need to work on that. 

Some of these things might seem totally ridiculous but this is where I am at. 
I just had a baby and would love to lose all the weight. 
We just paid off our bills so we are able to save money now. 
I used to think I had a good vocabulary but I haven't learned new words for awhile, so it is interesting to me to look up words that I come across to learn their actual meaning and not just skim over them. 
I have had an anger problem in the past but am learning to have grace
just as Jesus gives me beautiful and patient grace all the time. 

The list is so much longer than this. We all have so much to learn and grow in. I love to see the growth in life as we live day by day and year by year. 

The sugar thing is going well, which will help with losing baby weight. ;) 
 The marriage goal is going well also. I sure love the man in my life! His Valentine's card was hilarious!! 
Turns out life is so busy for a mom of four that the internet has taken a back seat lately. Thank you God for working that one out for me! 

I haven't taken the time to learn new lighting or posing tricks yet. 
I also have not been reading the Bible as often as I would like. 
Maybe that's why this picture is going to be printed out and put up on my fridge so I can see it every day and GO FOR IT!

Feels like Spring today and that is so darn encouraging! I vacuumed out my car  and man does it feel good to get some fresh air and not be freezing at the same time! 

It's a good day, yes it is!! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Up the mountain & a ridiculous amount of photos

This last weekend we rented a cabin with some friends and family. 
It's been far too long since we have done this and man was it fun!
I had never been to McCall. It sure is beautiful in the mountains. 
I can't wait to go back in the summer and hang out at the lake all day. :) 

The cabin was gorgeous. I loved taking more landscape pictures this weekend. It is one of the areas I want to grow in. I used to not take ANY photos without someone in them but am appreciating the faceless photos more these days. ;) 

Part two coming soon...... sledding!