Saturday, June 14, 2014

Love where you live: part 2

The most important part about loving where you live is loving who you live there with. 

I'm married to a dreamer so I hear new ideas about living and exploring on a weekly basis. He doesn't really want to do it all, but just likes to talk and think about the possibilities. I made the sign above to let him know that as long as I am by his side, I don't really care geographically where we are. 

At the moment, we are in southern Idaho. And we love it. I never dreamed of moving from my home town on the coast of Oregon but 6 years ago that is precisely what we did and now we are here; in the desert.  

Last week we joined a small group of friends in the next town (or two?) over for a field trip to a dairy farm and their creamery. Ice cream for everyone! While we were there, we figured we may as well follow the signs to Balanced Rock just a few miles away. 

Monolith: pillar of rock: a tall block of solid stone standing by itself, whether a natural rock feature or a stone column shaped and erected by somebody, e.g. as a monument.

Balanced Rock is nature made. Over the years, the weather has caused it to be shaped as it is. Looks like Africa to me. 

The trek up was very steep. The kids raced up like it was nothing, I was panting and Micheal carried Liam the whole time. This girl is thankful for a strong ox of a husband! And what do you do when you reach the top? You yell, of course! 

On the way up, a bird darted away unexpectedly and we found this little nest of eggs. Teensy, weensy beautiful things. Just took enough time to observe and take a picture and then moved on. I jumped when the mama bird flew away so quickly right in front of me so I can imagine her surprise and terror at someone being so close to her soon to be family! 

This Idaho bucket list floated around the internet a couple months ago. We have done quite a few of them. I would love to do #9 for a date! #12 will have to be just the kids and I. Sadly, #15 is no longer an option. I should have gone when I had the chance! And # 34 is a must! I have great memories of going to the races with my family as a kid! 

Life, for us, is half intention and half spontaneity. :) Embrace what the day has for you. Be thankful for the ones you get to spend it with. Look forward to the next. 

What are you doing to "love where you live"

And if you have never heard the song by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros... well, here you go. Enjoy! 

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