Tuesday, June 10, 2014


1. Daughter, oh my sweet daughter. You got the first season of Little House on the Prairie this week and have watched it everyday. You have built a fort in the back yard and have made yourself a sewing kit and starting embroidering again. You wear your prairie dress and bonnet one day and then are back on the ipad wearing modern clothes the next. I love this time of your life. I am having the time of mine!

2. Son, my dear son. You promised me you would give me a hug everyday this week and you have come through! I love those hugs because most of the time you are not so giving in your affection. You decided you wanted to learn division today and it didn't surprise me when you picked it up so quickly. I wonder what you will do with that brain of yours. I hope it doesn't get you into trouble. ;)

3. August, my happy August. Do you ever think about how you are always smiling? You bring such joy to our lives. You started piano lessons this week. You and I both love it! Happy to have your music in our home.

4. Little lovers, oh my wild boy. Thank the good Lord you still take naps. And long ones! You are so curious and fun. This week you really started to love blocks but mostly you go from one thing to the next to the next every minute or so. Anytime you see an insect you try to hold it or squish it which is so fun for me to watch, even when it was a fly and I was kind of grossed out.

Cheers to another wholly blessed week!

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