Thursday, June 26, 2014

So bloggy

Micheal read my blog for the first time the other day. I know that may seem very bizarre, but he isn't much into computers. Plus I actually was nervous about showing it to him because he would tell me what he thought about it! But you wanna know what he said? 

"It's good Babe. I think when people read it they will appreciate their own normal day to day life."


Then it got me thinking......

I too hope that that is what people come away from with this little blog o' mine. 

I know when I read blogs, I encounter all sorts of emotions. Intrigue, optimism, pessimism, jealousy, non-interest, enjoyment. The list really could go on and on. It is so interesting the world we live in right now. At any given moment we could look at someone's life anywhere in the world. We can peek into what others are doing and follow along if we want or click off the page and never look back. 

It's bizarre really to be able to peer into the many lives of people all over the world. And wonderful too! 

I tend to leave this blog wide open, meaning I can post whatever I feel like. It can be annoying because you never really know what you will get. I personally only read a few blogs consistently and they tend to stay on one or two subjects, which is probably why I keep coming back; I know what I am going to get. But I can't seem to commit to write a blog like that! Maybe you call that a lifestyle blog? I'm into lifestyle photography so that makes sense. Not too posed. Not smiling perfectly at the camera. Just a bunch of wonderful, sporadic moments that makes up one's life. Or a family of lives in this case. 

I hope you enjoy what you read here. I hope you are inspired to live your own life full of joy and contentment. And I hope you know that I try to be as real as I know how to be. I tend to keep to the optimistic and encouraging side of things. There's enough trouble in the world. I want this to be a happy place. Not trying to portray my life as perfect in any way, just trying to be thankful for what I have been given. 

And then there's this:

"...we may, by fixing our attention almost fiercely on the facts actually before us, force them to turn into adventures; force them to give up their meaning and fulfill their mysterious purpose. The purpose of the Kipling literature is to show how many extraordinary things a man may see if he is active and strides from continent to continent like the giant in my tale. But the object of my school is to show how many extraordinary things even a lazy and ordinary man may see if he can spur himself to the single activity of seeing. For this purpose I have taken the laziest person of my acquaintance, that is myself; and made an idle diary of such odd things as I have fallen over by accident, in walking in a very limited area at a very indolent pace. If anyone says that these are very small affairs talked about in very big language, I can only gracefully compliment him upon seeing the joke. If anyone says that I am making mountains out of molehills, I confess with pride that it is so. I can imagine no more successful and productive form of manufacture than that of making mountains out of molehills. But I would add this not unimportant fact, that molehills are mountains; one has only to become a pigmy like Peter to discover that.I have my doubts about all this real value in mountaineering, in getting to the top of everything and overlooking everything. Satan was the most celebrated of Alpine guides, when he took Jesus to the top of an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the earth. But the joy of Satan in standing on a peak is not a joy in largeness, but a joy in beholding smallness, in the fact that all men look like insects at his feet. It is from the valley that things look large; it is from the level that things look high; I am a child of the level and have no need of that celebrated Alpine guide. I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help; but I will not lift up my carcass to the hills, unless it is absolutely necessary. Everything is in an attitude of mind; and at this moment I am in a comfortable attitude. I will sit still and let the marvels and the adventures settle on me like flies. There are plenty of them, I assure you. The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder."

                                                                                                                                                   G.K. Chesterton

I dare you to make mountains out of molehills! It's the bloggy thing to do! 

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