Thursday, November 13, 2014


Is it funny that we are in the same position-almost-as last year? Moving, setting up a home, starting a new job, deciding on what to do for school.

We have moved a few times in our thirteen years of marriage. Some big moves and some small. Every time though we have learned something new. We moved into my sister and her husband's house when we were newlyweds, as we waited for our own house to close. I learned about respect and thin walls. And before you get the wrong idea, it was more along the lines of me having a early to work job(coffee shop) and the rest of the house working late nights. So movie watching in the wee hours of the morning were a no go for me as I tried to sleep through the surround sound. Hey, I was young and it didn't bother me none.

Being in our first home showed me how much I enjoy setting up a home. I loved that home but was also caught up on making it just right and realized the balance of being content, dreaming, and knowing that what I had was enough.

We then moved a few states away to Oklahoma. That was a rough move for me. I was out in the country with just about no friends and surprised to find myself pregnant in the first week we got there! I realized how I had been back in Oregon. I has all the friends and family I needed and didn't really give it a thought to reach out to families that had just moved into the area. Now, I was that new person. I wanted a good friend desperately. I have never cried so much in my life. It was rough but I learned a lot.

Fast forward two years, and now I found myself surrounded by tons of great people in Idaho. Micheal.'s job was a better fit for our family and as a whole we were a pretty happy family. We lived in the same house for three years before a hop, skip and jump to a small town just 30 minutes away. It was a great fit from the beginning! We loved our new house, Micheal's job was great, and we made friends fast!

Now, a year and a half later we are in the mountains instead of the desert of Idaho. It too is a great fit, although in different ways. I can tell that it will take a bit longer to settle as we finish our home and get to know the community. Once again, I am observing the community and church services and am amazed at how different we all are!

There are many ways to do life and I have learned a lot from many wonderful people. I don't regret all our moves although I hope this will be the last move for a long while. Micheal and I both love it here and I think the kids have transitioned well also. We still don't have close friends-heck, it's only been a couple months!- but we love the people we have met and we have absolutely wonderful family here.

So this is home. This is what we wake up to every morning and continue to search out for new places to explore and new things to be involved in and new people to meet.

It's different from all the other places before, but it's kind of the same too. It's a great place to call home!