Tuesday, June 3, 2014


 We are getting pretty close to the halfway mark for 2014!! 

It is summer and we have been living it up! 

 I've got this feeling that this summer is going to be a season of growth for each of us. Micheal is throwing around some new ideas, new dreams. Things that will stretch him and us as a family. 
Grace is maturing a bit. She will be double digits in a month! Zade is figuring out just what it is that he is into. A little bit of looking inward, ya know? August is wanting to learn letters and numbers now and just started piano lessons. Liam is talking more and more and wanting to explore as far as we will allow. And as for me, well, I am reading anything I can. Lots of different topics. 

The sun is hot, our time is free and we are excited about what this season will hold! 

Cheers to life my friends! 

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