Friday, April 19, 2013

These moments

Not a lot of words are composing well in my head so I will just share the photos of our camping trip: :)

Gazing out the van window

First evening = snow and rain

Worms to put on their homemade fishing lines.

He loved his little tent we made for him! 

Idaho is a beautiful place! 

I had dreams of heading off somewhere far away but in the end we were an hour from home. 
It was wonderful to wake up and have nothing to do but wait for the coffee to get strong. 
We came home and I had laundry piling into the hallway and dining room. It took me three days to get it done! I had visions of camping with my Mom as a kid. My dad would stay home so he could work and my sister and brother and I would run off with our friends while my mom put the tent up and took it down. Maybe we helped but I don't remember. I just remember rain. Almost every camping trip. Not a lot but enough to get things wet! It is an ongoing tradition in my life and I am thankful for an amazing husband who sees adventure and FUN in just about everything! 

Looking forward to more weekends this summer camping in the warm weather, stoking more fires and playing more music. 

Taking in these moments that are flying away far too fast.