Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Winter

Winter is here and it is really feeling like it around these parts. 
I love when there is a lot of snow so the pictures are pretty and not
the dirty snow yuckiness! I tend to stay inside but this year I am determined to get out
and enjoy the snow. There are plenty of hands to care for baby if need be! 

 Sweet little snow bunny! She is outside as much as she can be. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall. I love her love of the outdoors. 

Haha! No big deal. It's not cold or anything! Ah, kids. 

Miss Elise turned one! She's a fireball!! 

Those were some big flakes! Every time we drive up the mountain we wonder why we don't live there. 
The river and the pine trees. The snow in the winter and floating the river in the summer. It is GORGEOUS! 

Sometimes you need a little push. ;) 

Sometimes you need a big push! We got stuck but it all worked out. Good times! 

God is so smart with the whole idea of seasons. I love change and just about the time I am ready for something new, here it comes. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

One month

I can't believe we have had this little boy in our lives now for 4 weeks! 
Just last night was our first good night of sleep and that means he went to bed before 1AM
and only got up to eat and then go back to sleep!! Yay!! I got up early, saw the sunrise!! And got to cleaning 
and making myself a cup of tea to enjoy while I read a little.  I made the big kids a proper breakfast
before 11 too!! So this is life with a baby. :) I love it. 

And that is all the time I have! He is ready to eat again! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More of the little man

because I just can't get enough of him! 

Just about the time we get everyone snuggled into bed, Liam realizes it is quiet and wakes up! He likes the night life! Right now he is laying by the Christmas tree staring at the lights. The fan caught his eye today too. He has a descent amount of hair, but he is moving around more now and I think it will get rubbed off soon. Sad. Not sure if it's true but I had a lot more heartburn this pregnancy and he has the most hair of any of our kids. Supposedly there is a link between the two. 

Zade wasn't feeling too good that day. Not that he is a big snuggler anyways. ;) 


It's still sinking in that I am a Mom to 4 children, three of them BOYS!! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The first time all the cousins have been together EVER!! All the personalities are sure shining through!

And their handsome Daddy's. :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's been a dreamy couple of weeks. Lots of snuggling and kissing. And eating! Both Liam and me! I forgot how hungry you are when nursing. Liam giggled in his sleep the other night. I was so happy to be awake and be able to hear that! He had a bit of jaundice and some baby acne, but things are clearing up. My mom is in town and it's been lovely. She is spending a lot of time with the older kids and they are loving the attention. With Micheal back to work, it's nice to have Mom here so I can spend these first few weeks doting on Liam. 

He looks a little different every day. I guess they do that. :) 
We got our Christmas tree last night and after we got it all decorated, 
I sat in the rocking chair, holding baby, with a huge smile across my face. 
For the last 9 months, this is what I was longing for. 
Colder days with baby in my arms, staring at the Christmas tree lights all aglow with Christmas music playing softly. 

God has answered all of our prayers for this baby so far. He just continues to amaze and bless us. 

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My fave

The anticipation of finding out if we have another daughter or another son! Wow. It was hard at times to not know while we were pregnant. But this picture to me is worth the wait of knowing! Look at the happiness on Daddy's face! He was one of the only one's to think it was a boy. We both really didn't care, but I have to say I was a little surprised to see more boy parts! We are so in love. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


It is true, every labor is different. Every child has their own story of coming into this world. 
With that said, this labor/delivery was SO different from my other ones. 
The labor itself, before pushing was amazing. Barely any pain. Contractions far apart, which made me think I wasn't really in labor. Oh, but I was! Midwife checked me and I was at an 8 and it didn't feel like I had done any work yet. :) 
I had been taking a 5 week herbal formula for labor and it sure did it's job! 
The support I had throughout the last 39 weeks and during labor was such a blessing to me. 
My dear daughter stayed the whole time and was such a help with drinks and holding hands. She was so interested in how it all works. She did a great job! Love that she got to experience this with Micheal and me and that she was able to see her little brother be brought into this world. 
Micheal naturally was awesome as usual. Helping wherever needed and comforting me. 
Our midwife is a great teacher and we both tried to take in as much as possible. She is a wonderful woman. I am so thankful that God opened her heart to us and that she was able to help us in this way. 
My sis in law was there too and I can't help but encourage any laboring woman to have someone there for YOU that knows what to do in labor and delivery. To have a doula was amazing and honestly,
the birth would not have gone as smoothly and wonderfully without her. If you don't have one,

These pictures were all taken within the last couple of hours when the contractions had gotten hard. 
I love that everyone grabbed the camera at different times to document a little of what went on that special November day, almost a week ago already! Time goes by far too fast. 
Back to snuggling with that sweet baby now. 
Newborn pics to come soon. :)