Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday morning musing

The two oldest children are watching a show. Middle boy sleeps. Baby is nursing. Micheal has been gone for hours already. 

I read from 1 Peter and think about the joy of Jesus. Wanting my life to be spent rejoicing over who He is and what He has chosen to do for me and for you. I rejoice in salvation and the hope He gives. The Bible tells me too, so I obey, but realize that the closeness of my Lord is what really makes me rejoice. Anything I do is futile without Christ. His voice leads me and in obedience I live fully and rejoice that He actually speaks. He really does! 

This past week I have been resting my brain a bit. Not reading as much and listening more. He speaks. 

Watching the garden and my children grow. He speaks. 

Listening to my husband's dreams. He speaks. 

Worshiping. He speaks. 

Lying in bed so ready for sleep. He speaks. 

And I listen and listen and think through what has been shared and sometimes remember to write things down and hope that I can really get what God says to me. Because what is life without Christ speaking? 

Nothing. And I sure don't want nothing. I want it all! 

God please quiet my mind and continue to speak. I am all yours! 

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