Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being frugal: a post for my Mom

My Mom is the most frugal gal I know. She sticks to thrift stores and garage sales and rarely buys anything that is not on sale. While in my first 29 years I hadn't been so good with our money, these past couple years she must finally be rubbing off on me.  

For our garden,  we wanted affordable and tasty mixed with a pleasing aesthetic. Bluejeans and Pearls style, you know? 

I think we are there. 

We bought our heirloom seeds from Baker Creek , a few bags of soil and a roll of twine. That's it! Luckily we had the rest. 

Our lilac in the front yard needed a bit of trimming, so we -and when I say we I mean Micheal- whacked off a few branches and used them to support our 'maters. Have you seen how expensive tomato cages are? No thank you! 

Our boards for the raised beds were saved from when we ripped out our back deck last summer. 

Our potatoes were going bad so instead of tossing them, we stuck them in the ground. They weren't in the original plan for our garden. 

Bring on the frugal and beautiful!

Mom, I hope you are proud! 


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