Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer evening light....a senior session

We have some pretty amazing summers here in Idaho. 
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!! 

The last bit of light as the sun is going down makes for GORGEOUSNESS! 

And the fact that that light is glowing on this particular senior is even better. 
Isn't her hair awesome!! 
Her blue eyes too! 
My husband couldn't believe I didn't edit her eyes to look like that. All God's doing!! 

I pray God's blessing over you Anna, as you enter your last year of high school and 
begin new adventures afterward. Do great things!

Monday, July 30, 2012


 Here you will find a little of this and that and a lot of photography. 

I used to think a photo of mine was not worth sharing if it didn't have a human in it! 
This summer, I have ventured into landscape and nature photography more and more. 
That mountain doesn't move! Those flowers open up quite nicely without having to 
tell them a joke! Who doesn't love wheat fields?!! 

I can promise you that you will see an overabundance of 3 particular faces and soon to be a fourth. ;) 

 I can promise you I won't be blogging everyday.
I can promise that I will share a bit of my heart from time to time. 
I can't promise that you will love my photography. 

But, I hope you will. :) 

So cheers to Mondays (my personal favorite day of the week).
Cheers to life. Beauty. Fun. Art. Thankfulness. The breath in our lungs. 
And new adventures!