Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hello there friends! I have missed this blog so much! Life is a bit different for me for the moment.
Modern day conveniences are not in abundance but so much more has made up for the other things we lack, so there remains a balance.

We are in the process of buying a cute little cabin and at the same time are converting the garage into a bathroom, laundry room and bedroom. Kind of going on a limb to put so much time and money into a house that you don't own and that if the loan doesn't work out, you won't get to enjoy, but we feel that if God has worked out all the other details of our move to the mountain side then surely He will continue the work right?! Well, I sure hope so! Actually we are close to closing (possibly next week) and we are close to finishing the add on too. Our current space is 632 sq. feet with one bedroom and a tiny closet with a toilet. We have a small kitchen also with a mini stove and sink. It is an adventure! Most days it is wonderful but every once in awhile I have a, " This is SO hard!" kind of day! But really, it is a sweet time.

It's been about 8 weeks since moving in. Lots of fun has been had. Zade just finished up flag football, August has started soccer, Micheal has started college and we are 7 weeks into homeschool. Liam is weaned and taking up conversation with anyone who will listen and engage! Micheal stays up late with us all and we have lots of dreaming sessions of what our life will be here and how to do this or that for the house and I guess we shall go swimming again and take some showers down at the pool. ;)

We have gone to the two churches in the area and although they are wonderful, we miss our church body in Twin. Maybe we can add a bit of what we have experienced and learned into the body here. (If you happen to live near or in Twin, I recommend checking out The Dwelling Place.) Spirit led and filled with love.
But really just being in church is such a great feeling. We were very sick for the first three weeks of being here so we missed meeting together with other Christians.

We finished up our Summer laying by the pool and hanging out at our family's house every day. If it were not for our family it would have been a rough transition. Our house would not be nearly close to being finished if it were not for our Uncle and his wealth of information, skill and desire to help us. We have learned a lot. How do you repay someone who you are so indebted to? A lot of thank you's and dinners!

Fall has come and with it such beauty. Today is the coldest day we have had and our power was out for an hour or so. We cozied up in the house and the kids played while I read a book.  A book about writing I may add, which to me is surprising as I have never thought of myself as a writer, even with having a blog for this long! But I guess there is something in me that desires to write and do it well so alas that is what I am reading this week.

The balance of living a quiet and peaceful life and yet being apart of our community and keeping in touch with my wonderful friends and family is well, a lesson. We feel we are able to get connected with our community so much easier with it being so tiny, and we love it. Not having internet has made the quiet and peaceful part happen! But peaceful doesn't mean quiet, and I feel blessed to share that I had an issue in my heart that was not peaceful but this last week it has been resolved and dealt with. It came down to the fact that I was ready to deal with it and God was obviously there to help me through it all. The Bait of Satan by John Bevere was a huge help.

Have you ever been offended? I dare speculate that most of us have been. Have you harbored bitterness? Have you not forgiven? Well, that is what the book is about and I was very encouraged through it. Don't waste another day being in that state of hatred(I know that is a strong word!). Deal with your problems and move on. There is the most amazing peace that comes from taking the time to work through all those feelings, misgivings, and past hurts. God desires so much for us and considering all the forgiveness He gives us, we should be quick to forgive others. Also, there are always two sides to a story and owning up to the fact that you have not acted in the best ways either is important in the whole healing of the circumstance. All that to say is, I have had a "mountaintop experience" while living on a mountain!

I wish I could upload pictures but I don't have that ability right now. So many great shots of the countryside and of my little people growing and enjoying this time of our life. I will figure a way out and will hopefully be back sooner rather than later to keep up on this here blog.

The only picture I have is of the trees changing colors!

I do hope you all are taking in all this beautiful world right now. Fall is such a spectacular time of year!