Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love where you live

We live in the great state of Idaho. It is beautiful and there are so many things to do and to see. We have been here overall for four years and in our new area for almost one. With it being summer time, I have made a little challenge to explore new places. Mostly, I just want to get out and enjoy the fresh air and show my kids how wonderful this planet is. 

Yesterday we had absolutely nothing to do so it was the perfect day to start. 

We headed off south, going about 28 miles and then west another 9. We ended up at precisely the place we were wanting to be:

the middle of nowhere!   

More accurately, the hummingbird feeders in the middle of nowhere. There were at least 15 birds humming around us as we sat and watched them eat and fight and pester each other. Then it was off into the woods. 

Little lovers stayed in one spot almost the whole time. He threw in tons of rocks and sticks and didn't even pay attention to where he was throwing them. He just bent over, picked them up and hucked 'em! 

The other three were all over the place. Climbing over dead trees, splashing each other, making up some river rock game, running through the grass, etc. 
We only spent a couple of hours there but it was enough to break the monotony of home. 

Dirty kids with hair bleached from the sun, smelling like creek water and mud. Now that's my idea of a perfectly spent summer day! 

We sure do love where we live! 


  1. Are we long lost sisters? You just became "Miss" Rebecca in our house. It means you are amazing. Thank you for loving your children and your world and passionately pursuing beauty. - Blessed by you, Jennifer

    1. Yes we are Jennifer! I will take a sister like you any day! I feel honored to be "Miss" Rebecca! Thankful for God's love showing me how to love and how to enjoy this world. :) He gives us a new kind of lens, ya know?