Friday, May 2, 2014

Dome living

Packed up the truck and headed out early Tuesday afternoon to "camp out". As much work as it is, well, it is still worth it to get away, even if it's just for the night. 

Micheal's Dad always says, "Makin' Memories!" I hope our children remember these times. Micheal works so hard and we long for a season, hopefully soon, when that will change. Not so much not working hard, but not as many hours a day. I treasure the times when we can get away and spend uninterrupted time together. Doesn't happen a lot but that makes it more sweet when it does.

A tradition of getting bottled ginger ale or root beer when we go camping. We don't allow soda pretty much any other time so the kids look forward to it!

All good things are wild and free. 

I love the picture of Micheal squeezing that clip. The kids were so impressed! They couldn't do it! But maybe more impressive was that MOM could do it! 

The cutest thing ever! Liam opened the door for big brother and made him get in! 

And it wouldn't be complete without some hot springs swimming. Not so much swimming on our part as sitting and relaxing. ;)  The kids are getting to be better swimmers which turns our stress level down quite a bit. Things are starting to get easier again, as Liam is getting older. We joke that it's time to have another baby, but we are feeling very good with where we are at size wise. 

A family with 7 children came and we felt small!! Ha! 

At one point, Micheal and I were quietly watching the kids run around exploring and we just looked at each other and smiled. We feel so blessed with our family and the love and fun we share. 

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