Sunday, April 27, 2014

The beauty of what will be

This is our first Spring at our home which means we get to see all sorts of beautiful plants blooming that we haven't got to experience before. Never have I studied lilacs in bloom. The flowers were gone last June when we moved in. Now we have seen the full process. Greenery to twigs to new shoots to buds to blooming purple flowers! It's so beautiful to watch as day by day they do their thing! 

We are all beauty in the making. We may start out as little twigs, but sure enough day by day and season by season, we bud and bloom and before we know it, the fruits of all that labor of growth and work are set out for all the world to see. Or at least those around you. :) 

It's a process and not an easy one at times. But it is so worth it. Every second. 

Do you know how you've caught my eye? In the secret place where you chose to die? 

The small things we do, dying to self, God sees and it pleases Him. 

Do you know the way you move Me? 

I see fields of people swaying like flowers in a gentle summer breeze.  Praising their God; hands raised, hearts humble, laying down their lives to glorify their Father. A beautiful sight and act of obedience and worship. Recognizing our need to worship Him. To thank Him for the life He's given. The hope of our lives. The love He pours out, so we can pour out and give again. 

Do you know the way you move Me? 

Christ is delighted in our worship. Our obedience. Our service. Our dying to self. He loves you. He loves our movement, however small or difficult, directed toward Him. 

Christ covers His people. His precious flowers. He gives us the light to grow. The soil. The water. He gives and we move and live because of Him. Only because of Him and His love for us. 

The Great Exchange. He gives life. We give praise and glory back to Him. 

Enter in Beloved, to the blessed covenant with our Lord and Savior. 

He welcomes all! He desires full fields of flowers blooming for His glory! 

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