Wednesday, May 28, 2014

20 ish

I have fallen behind on the weekly photos. I knew it would happen. 

All I can say is that the last couple of weeks have been fantastic. 

Adventure and relaxation. 

Busyness mixed with pure laziness. 

Sick days mingled with healthy ones. 

I have almost no pictures to show for it all. 

But I shall share a short story with you:

It was early in the morning and we knew it would be a nice, warm day. Micheal officially had the ENTIRE day off and we didn't know what to do with ourselves. 

Just about that time our daughter woke up and immediately mentioned she would like to go to the south hills. 

Sounded good to us! 

So off we went with just enough snacks and water to last the afternoon. 

As we parked the truck and jumped out the sun was shining bright and we could feel the heat on our winterized skin. It was lovely. I grabbed the camera and soon realized there was not a memory card in it. First inclination was disappointment, but shortly after, it felt a bit freeing. 

So we started a short hike down the first ledge of ground only to find that the usual spot to cross the river was not crossable. When Micheal and the kids had come in the winter the river was very shallow and easy to cross. 

I was ready to head to a different spot as I was NOT prepared- in my mind- to cross a waist deep river. 

The family was feeling a bit more adventurous. I wanted to pout. This getting wet part was not something I wanted to do. 

We walked along the river looking for a narrower way to pass, all the while hacking through brush and swatting away some bugs. The kids were in heaven. I was waiting to get there. 

With the rest of the family so determined, we found a smaller river pass and decided to try it. Micheal went first and was up to his thigh. He threw the bag to the shore and called for Liam as he came back across. I was like, "WHAAAAA???" 

He brought Liam across and since the logical thing would be not to leave him there by himself, sweet, adventurous husband of mine suggested I go now to hold Liam while he helped the others get across. 

Hmmm. Not what I had planned on. Here it goes. Up to my upper thigh of very cold water and the whining..... stopped. It was quite fun actually! 

I joined my family with their smiles and we all made it across and the rest of the day was spent tromping through the woods, spotting deer, making forts and dams, throwing sticks and dirt clods into the water, and taking naps. 

As the sun was started to descend we hiked back to the truck and journeyed home. 

It was a lovely day. 

That is the "picture" in my head and treasured in my heart from that fun family adventure. 

I can only hope to have many more as the summer flies by. 

Do you have someone in your life that gently pushes you to get out of your comfort zone? 

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