Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh, my dear son

Today my third son, LIAM VIRGIL is 18 months. We longed for another child and by God, we have him! 

He is wild and boisterous! He is sweet and funny! He loves shoes, hats and cars. He does not love sleep, most food, or when I tell him no. He has found the fight in him and now we are learning how to guide and direct it. Whew. He wears me out and I think both Micheal and I are on the same page about him being our "baby". 

He adores his sister and looks up to his brothers and they feel the same love toward him. 

He loves the book Goodnight Moon and also books about animals. Virgil means strength and I can safely say that this boy is strong in the physical sense and also in his mind, meaning strong willed.  We pray he has a strong love for Jesus in the years to come. 

At this time of year, most are celebrating their 18 year olds. It is a great time of accomplishment and excitement for what is to come. We aren't there yet and for now we enjoy what we have in these little ones and hope that the time coming for them to spread their wings will be celebrated with what we have come from and for what the future holds. God only knows at this point! 

 One moment you are running circles around me and getting into everything and the next you are falling asleep in my arms. 
I love you son. 

Some words the little mister can say:

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