Monday, May 26, 2014

Not to be put in a box

Years ago, I told myself I was not creative. Art wasn't my thing, not in my mind nor in my gifted abilities. 

But since those days of high school, I have changed. True, I still can't paint a masterpiece and I haven't tried, but I find the idea of me not being creative to be untrue. And that goes for everyone, in my opinion. 

 I have never been the best basketball player or photographer, cook or writer, and the list could go on and on. But I still try and that is the sweetness of life. We get to try and then try again. We get to fail and either decide we didn't like it anyhow, or be determined that we would master it. 

Random thought. I was worshipping at church on Sunday and a girl was playing the hand drum. I'm not sure why, maybe because she was so confident (not cocky) in the way she quietly walked up there and joined in the celebration and act of worship to God, but her playing really moved me.  I have never claimed music as something I was good at or wanted to pursue, really pursue. There are times that I have learned a song or fiddled with strings or keys, but not really ever taken the time to master it, or even become skilled in any way. 

The way she played though, made me think upon the freedom of being.  We are all created and in turn get to create. We are not bound by what so and so said about us when we were eleven. Or maybe more accurately what we said about ourselves. We are free to open the box and do a new thing! It doesn't have to be his or her thing anymore, but can become something that makes up our own life. My thing. Our thing. 

So we try new things. 

I started a garden this year, and some plants have survived my lack of care and knowledge and some have not. The fun thing about it is that I tried and have found a new thing in my box. If the kids don't end up getting to eat broccoli picked straight off the plant this year, then maybe next Summer will be our moment of triumph! If I don't accomplish the photography goal I set this year, then it could happen next year or the year or years after. Stay positive and keep moving forward! 

Don't put yourself or anyone in a box. It isn't good for anyone. Our boxes enlarge and shape shift as we get older and all of a sudden you may find yourself a different person. Let others grow with their box too. How about this? How about we throw those boxes away? 

My God has asked me to dance with Him, and this is part of learning the steps; freedom in Christ. Is there a twirl coming up or a tight embrace? Whatever the move is, I stay close to Jesus and let Him lead and step by step, from slow dance to the jitterbug, this life will be lived and enjoyed and held in gratitude. I will praise God for the wonderful and personal dance He shared with me and exalt Him for His ability to dance with us all. 

You can't stop these dancing feet! 

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