Friday, May 30, 2014

Things learned in May

1. You have to be very careful when transplanting tomatoes. Their roots are super sensitive. Broccoli and cabbage need to go in earlier than the middle of May. It's getting hot and they don't fair so well in the heat. Potatoes are easy to grow. We do live in Idaho. 

Oh, please survive. I want to eat your fruit so bad!

2. Kids love to do it (whatever *it* may be) themselves if at all possible. Don't step on their toes. Let them fail and learn from it. But sometimes even when they know how, they love Mom to do it for them. Like making breakfast. One day they are all empowered on knowing how to make their own food and the next morning they are wanting to sit on the couch and have their mama serve them. It's all good. 

3. Yerbe Mate Chocolatte doesn't make great ICED tea. Keep that one HOT. 

4. Archimedes was born in Syracuse and Paul the Apostle traveled through Syracuse during his missionary travels. Random books coming together. I love when that happens! Archimedes and the Door of Science and the book of Acts from the Bible. 

5. There is a tender and important balance between taking photos to remember an experience and just letting it be experienced for the goodness of what it is and not having any hard evidence that it happened. I have not mastered this but am attempting to find that balance and enjoy the moments for what they are without having to run and get the camera. 

Chatting at the Sky has a link up. I read Emily's book, Million Little Ways early this year and found it very inspiring. Her blog is just the same. 

What have you learned in May? 


  1. We always had a garden growing up! I love that memory! So nice to drop in on you today from Chatting at the Sky. I'm learning that balance of be in the moment too! I'm afraid I fail most of the time, but so does my memory!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hello! I think that is why I have such a hard time with balancing the "no" camera times too. My memory is terrible!