Friday, September 28, 2012

Practicing restraint

It's gotten to the point in this pregnancy that I can't put just anything on and feel fabulous. I love fashion. I don't buy much but I would if I had more money. At least I think I would. I was given some maternity clothes, but they were given to me from tiny people. I am not tiny. I can wear a few things. I just want to be cozy and somewhat cute. Not too much to ask huh? Well a few months ago I went shopping and actually found some really cute clothes but didn't buy anything because I knew I would be getting bigger and wanted to make sure I had stuff to wear when I was huge. Plus the fact that clothes are darn expensive! This has been the month where I have gained a bunch of weight and like I said above, can't just throw anything on. Dilemma. Just a small one though. ;) 

My kids spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's last night so I had a little time on my hands. I went shopping and I prayed. I prayed God would allow me to find a good deal. I was specifically on the hunt for a skirt I had tried on a few months ago. I loved it but didn't know if it would work for me through pregnancy and it was expensive. So like I said, I prayed and guess what?!! I found it on the clearance rack!!! Woohoo! Thank you Jesus for a new skirt! On sale! That fits! 

I tried on a bunch of other clothes and was contemplating just charging it but I knew I really didn't want to do that. I have been praying to get out of debt and knew God really wouldn't bless that decision. ;) 
So in the end, I purchased one item and am really thankful! 
Practicing restraint is good. Now to apply it to desserts. :) 

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