Monday, September 24, 2012

Bikes and scooters and bubbles, oh my

Zade gets really serious when the camera gets brought out. Not sure why. I reassured him that it was OK to smile. :)

Sometimes adventures around the block will land you in a patch of goat heads. You just have to wipe them off and be on your merry way.

Not sure how I even got a picture of him on his bike! He zooms right on by without a care in the world.

 Sister taught herself how to blow bubbles. I explained how to do it months ago with no luck of them getting it. Such is life. Come back to it in a little while and it all makes sense. She kicked a goal in soccer while blowing a bubble! Needless to say, she is pretty enamored with this new skill she has learned!

It feels like Fall! Lovely cool mornings and evenings. We are back to walking and it feels so good. Grace asked Daddy to come with us and I could hear him from the other room say, "Walking? Why would I want to go walking?" I cracked up!!! The man runs and unloads a full semi truck 4 times a week. The last thing he wants to do is walk when he gets home! Now swimming is another story. That guy would swim everyday if he could.

So thankful for these days and nights. Kind of feels like the calm before the storm.

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