Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last trimester! Life has been busy. More so than I am used to, 
but all in good ways. 
I am tired though and find I need more rest. 
I thought I was having a girl and now the last few weeks, 
I am leaning more towards a boy. 
Not sure why. We only have a girl name. Boy names are hard for us. 
I keep thinking though about having three boys. When we started having
babies, we never thought about what we would have in the end. We have just
taken them as they come and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. 
I would love to have another girl, but think three brothers is special too. 
It's making me giddy, not knowing. I get it now. What people have told us
all along. Waiting is so fun! I have picked up a couple things from the thrift store and
I guess we will keep things very simple until this little person is born. 
Looking forward to the next 13 weeks and then the after!! 

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  1. Very excited to hear what this little baby is! And how cool that your waiting!