Saturday, September 22, 2012

30 week catch up

So apparently when you eat dessert every day, stop exercising, enter the third trimester and baby has a big growth spurt, you can gain 10 pounds in one month. I'm not saying this happened to me, but just that it can happen. Crap. Who am I fooling? Yeah, I gained 10 happy pounds this month.  That has never happened in all of my pregnancies!! I am trying to decide if I pull a Jessica Simpson and just go for it, or if that would be such a good idea, since I don't have a trainer or any enthusiasm for working out most days. It's a tough decision since I have just pinned about 15 new fall dessert recipes. Who am I becoming?

On other happy moments, my midwife is amazing. I have never had 2 hour long appointments. I don't usually have too many questions as I am a take it as it comes person, but she can really keep a conversation rolling and I love it! From the moment we step into her home, she talks about the news, nutrition, babies, families, government, religion, and so much more!! She takes the time to place Grace's hands inside hers for Grace to feel the baby's head and bottom. She makes sure Grace sees how we measure the tummy and explains what she is doing while doing it. She is a fantastic teacher. She has bold opinions and I love hearing them. Usually I agree. She took us into her garden and showed us all her animals. She gave us cucumbers and carrots and made the kids promise they would eat the whole thing. :)
I am one of the last girls she will be helping, as she is planning on retiring. I feel so blessed she agreed to help us. This has been such a great pregnancy and she has made it all the more wonderful.

I made a list of things we need to buy. I checked one off. Socks. Micheal actually sat down and got serious with me on names last night. The kids came up with Phoenix, Casino, Hulk, Charlie, Emily, Lucy, and so many other wacky ones, I changed the subject at dinner!! I think we have agreed on a girl name and have NOTHING, as usual, for a boy. I told Micheal we must be having a girl then! We got online and looked up boy names and were cracking up at some of them! Marnin. Micheal said he could never say it without an Irish accent! The girl name we have is so southern sounding, I told him I may talk southern to the baby and she end up having an accent while living in Idaho!

I have been craving bananas, which is so weird to me. I don't usually like them.  Bananas and anything I don't have to cook. ;)
Also, I'm nesting like crazy. I think it is a mixture of the changing seasons and nesting. I vacuum everyday and am keeping up on clutter and dishes. The kids are helping SO much too. I love their loving and helpful attitudes. Micheal cooks with me a lot and I love that too. It is way more fun to cook with him beside me. For some reason I get really overwhelmed with fixing dinner. My family does not expect a lot but I don't have the brain to put meals together right now. All I want is soup and sandwiches, dutch pancakes or tacos. And bananas and anything I don't have to cook!

I want to soak up every day of this pregnancy. The movements inside of me. The hiccups. The peeing all the time. The lack of brain power. The kids kissing my belly goodnight. Grace getting hurt and resting her head on my tummy, then cracking up. The baby moving to the sound of Daddy's voice. The living for another person, taking care of myself better than I normally would.

What a wonderful thing to plan a pregnancy and really be there in mind and spirit through it all. It truly is a miracle and I praise God I have been able to experience this amazing aspect of being a woman.

I have been so giggly lately. Micheal loves it as I am laughing all the time at his random antics! 

 Well, Fall is here! Full of wonderful goodness and busyness. Winter will be here soon enough and there will be a different kind of wonderful and busy!

Next week we are taking "school" pictures! I am really excited about what Micheal and I have planned!

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  1. So excited for you guys!! I love the joy in your home, you can feel it walking up your front walk!!! I wish i could be there to giggle with you!! Can not wait to see your "school" pictures!!