Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This time of year I get really excited and a wee bit sentimental. There are so many traditions we have as a family and a lot of them happen through the next few months. Summer was wonderful but we have welcomed Fall with full hearts this year. The last couple of years I had a hard time getting into Autumn decorations and foods and activities. Not sure why, but this year I am back! Woohoo! We have a great pumpkin patch right down the road from us. It is filled with tons of different variety of squash and pumpkins and all the usual photo props. The kids go for the pumpkins, I go for the pictures! Not really because I love pumpkin but I mainly stick with taking photos of them running through the fields and picking the perfect pumpkin. Zade was running and yelling, "Pumpkin parkour!" while he jumped off the big pumpkins!! How funny to me that even as a kid you can't just grab the first one you see. You have to search the whole field over for that perfect one. :) Reminds me of when we are tromping through the forest for our Christmas tree. 

Brothers make me happy. You know it's a good pumpkin if you need a little help carrying it to the wheel barrel. 

Grace looks like she is giving birth to this huge one!! Haha!! 

It's been a long couple of weeks. We have had so many commitments and jobs like getting wood to prepare for the winter. Time keeps marching on and we seem to fall into bed at night exhausted. We say, Ok no more. We just want to relax and enjoy some time together before this baby comes, but then something else comes up. It is a busy life, but it is a blessed life too. Last night was a good time together at the pumpkin patch.  I am amazed at the amount of love and energy this man has. He makes our family so much fun. He just keeps going and he does it because, well it is his personality to live life to the fullest, but also because he loves to see his family happy and making memories. So thankful for a man who will have no regrets on how he spent his time. 
He may be exhausted but he is all here with us. How is it that he could be such a worker and yet know how to relax and enjoy life too? 

This year I decorated the front porch and I will share some pictures soon. It makes me happy to walk up and see the beauty of Fall welcoming us home. 

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  1. Love you guys!! These pictures made me cry, they are so you guys!!!!