Thursday, September 13, 2012


I call our Auggie our sunshine. He smiles all the time. You wake him up from a deep sleep. He smiles. He loves sugar. Way more than our other two. He lights up when dessert is even talked about. From the moment he wakes up, he is ready to eat and run and play and talk and talk and talk. He never stops talking. "Mom, watch this." "Hey look!" "What if......" All day long. I won't say that it is always easy. Sometimes I just can't listen anymore. He sure is fun though. He keeps up with his big sister and brother just fine. He is looking forward to being a big brother himself. As I look at these pictures I am amazed it has been four years since his birth!! His hands are still big. He feet too. He is fitting into clothes Zade has worn just months ago. No more baby hair. I was looking at pictures from last year and he is so much bigger. The way he talks is so much older. He still loves motorcycles. He asks for one almost every day. He wants to save money for one. He is active, active, active and yet will snuggle like the best of them. He still comes into bed with us in the middle of the night. He just finds his way in the dark, snuggles in and goes right back to sleep. It will be interesting to see how that works when the baby is born. It was such a surprise finding out I was pregnant with him. He has been such an amazing blessing. I could not imagine not having this light in our life. He has crooked baby teeth. He points with his middle finger. He puts the letter A all over the place. He fights hard. He can tackle his older brother and most of the time his sister. He has been talking about Jesus a lot lately and remembers stories he has been told. "Remember when that guy hit the rock and all the water came out?" "Jesus left all the other sheep and "goed" and got the one." He rarely says "went." We are working on that. He says, "I know."
a lot. We are working on that too. ;)

And now for a bunch of cute pictures... He is such a fun kid to take pictures of because he likes it!
I told him to get his clothes on and we were going to go take pictures. He dropped all his toys and with enthusiasm asked where we were going and jumped in the van! See, his our sunshine!

I love his hands! 

His squinty eyes make me happy too! 

It was extremely bright and I said to look away from the sun. He put his head in his hands! By the way, he is wearing his brother's shoes. He loves shoes! That was the other thing he asked for for his birthday! He is easy to please. I love that!

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