Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've been a little obsessed with yellow lately. 
It's a beautiful color that makes me happy! 
And it happens to go really well with blue, 
which is my all time fave color. :)
Yellow, you are second place, but it
doesn't mean I don't adore you too. 

Just. Can't. Get. Enough!

Newly painted bookshelf for the schoolroom.


  1. I love yellow!! It is my second too!! I have to give green the top billing! But Grey and yellow go with everything!!

  2. I can't seem to get grey in my house because of all the browns I have, but I love it for clothes!

  3. Yellow is number ONE for me!! :) its everywhere in my house!
    And the soon to be baby's room is grey and yellow and its not even here yet LOL. That's how obsessed I am ;)
    I love your yellow pictures!