Monday, April 21, 2014


This is the only picture I took on Easter. We got ready for church and hustled out the door, all the while this boy wasn't feeling too well. We arrived at church and he promptly threw up into a coffee cup and he and I went home. We watched a movie and I read as baby took a nap. 

It felt a bit weird to miss church on Easter but I enjoyed our laid back day together. August felt better almost immediately after he threw up. Side note: Someone almost always gets sick if we eat canned tomatoes. 

Toward the end of the afternoon, August sat down at the piano and started playing a beautiful song. He went on for a long time. He would pause and say, "This is my God song." And then he went through a lot of the scenes of the Easter story: the garden of Gethsemene, Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier, Jesus healing his ear, Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. 

I sat with a few tears running down my cheeks, soaked it all in and prayed. 

He said that he wanted to do church since he had to miss it so he led us in worship and quiet contemplation of what Christ has done for us.  

Christ is alive! He continues to fill up His people with His Holy Spirit and will do so until He comes again. I for one want to be filled to overflowing, never deviating from His plan for my life until that glorious day comes, when we will forever be in His presence. 

My heart is happy today. I have a wonderFULL life and I am thankful. 

I hope your Easter was full of love and time with family and I hope you took some time to praise the One to whom it is due and to work out your own salvation. 

To God be the glory forever and ever!  

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