Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Have you ever set out to do something and chalked it up to a big ol' incomplete? 

I sure hope this weekly photo challenge doesn't end up like that! It has been so enjoyable and I want to be able to look through the photos at the end of the year and see the growth of the kids and all the random and fun moments we have had. 

No technology day.... my son says, "Mom, I'm just going to paint all day." 
He only lasted 45 minutes but that was more than ever for him! 

Mr. Sunshine himself. 

Little lovers is into hats. And carrying empty yogurt containers around the house. He is working on his motor skills by practicing using the spoon to get the pretend food out, which also uses his imagination! 

And daughter up top, filling in the hole they dug earlier in the month. 

Zade stepped on a nail shortly after that picture was taken but seems to be healing up quite nicely. I was so impressed with his bravery and getting through the pain. Thank goodness for essential oils and the Great Physician! 

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