Saturday, April 19, 2014

The cross

Naturally we have been reading the story of Easter. The story of Jesus dying on a cross for us. The best story ever told. 

Without this story I feel like no other story matters. Without the relationship I have with God because of the sacrifice of His Son, I feel like no other relationship would be what it is. 

I was reading about Peter's denial of Christ and I couldn't help but sob. The kids' ears perked right up! Mom's crying, this must be good! Oh the beauty of Christ's words and works. His life is so inspiring. If ever you need an example of how to live, look to Christ. Not other people proclaiming to walk with the LORD, although there are definitely people who do live a holy life, but Christ ultimately is our BEST example. 

The fact that Jesus looks back at Peter after the rooster crows. Oh my Good Gracious Lord! You are so amazing! Jesus was going through quite a bit at the time and yet He is fully aware of what Peter, His close friend, is going through at the same time. He takes the time and energy to look at Peter and I imagine that look was not of shame or anger. He knew what was going to happen already. He experiences that moment with Peter. He shows Peter grace. The glorious grace that never ends and is available for every soul that has ever walked this broken world. God you are just too much for me sometimes! In a good way of course! 

I have been saved since I was 8 and the story of the cross never gets old for me. In fact, it gets me more and more the older I get. I mean, who am I, that the God of this world would count it a worthy cause to send His only Son to come walk on earth, perfectly, and then take my sin upon Him and conquer it once and for all! Seriously?! Nothing else has made sense to me like the story and life of Jesus. I fully believe this with all of my heart and while I don't understand all of what the Bible says, like I said, I can't put the pieces together to make sense in any other way people say to get to heaven. It's not only believing in heaven and hell though. Yes, that's big, but it is so much more and it is what heaven and hell represent. 

If God is light and there is no darkness in Him, and if sin is darkness, then that means I can't have a close relationship with God, who again is light and LOVE. I am a sinner. I fully recognize that I do things wrong. I go against Him is some ways and that is sin. So, in order to fix my huge problem of not being able to have a relationship with Him because of my sin He says, "Hey, I got ya covered!" He sends His Son and makes a way for me to have a relationship with Him. And God is not just an acquaintance. He is my Father. My Friend. My Savior! 

I know that I cannot be "good enough" to get to heaven without Him. I know I must do things His way, because He created all of this anyhow. It takes being humble. And it takes submitting to Him. Everyday and in all ways. 

But I wouldn't trade this life for anything else. We have talked about how Peter felt so terrible about denying Christ and also how Pastor Saeed might even be freed if he would just deny Christ as his Savior. But in light of eternity, what is a little time in prison? What is a terrible time on earth compared to eternity with the most loving and kind God? 

I choose Christ and I'm so thankful and overwhelmingly glad that He chose us too. 

We can love Him because He first has loved us. And oh, what a love it is! 

Happy Easter! May we live everyday with the attitude of love and forgiveness. A life full of victory over sin and death. A life of abundance through what Christ has done for us all on the cross some 2000 years ago. 

Go in peace for He has given you peace. We have been redeemed from the depths of Hell.  He has given us everything! We lack nothing if indeed we walk in the Spirit of God. 

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