Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring senses

I hear: the humming of our neighbor's lawn mower.

I see: small sprouts coming out of the earth. Bloom, my friends! Bloom!

I smell: the dirt as I crouch down and pull weeds.

I feel: the rocks on my tender feet. Go get shoes on I say to myself. But it feels so nice to have the sun's warmth on my body I don't want to go inside. 

I taste: A fresh salad with strawberries and pecans.

It's Spring! The sun shines down and beckons us all to come outside! To enjoy her company. To set the seedlings out and pray they don't die. To pull another weed and pray they do die! To put the sprinkler under the trampoline. To watch as one child is hesitant to get soaked while the other jumps right in, not a thought otherwise. To make forts of tarps and random objects found. 

Get outside! Enjoy this new season upon us! 

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