Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mom, I want to bake a cake

Those are some sweet words to a mama's ears. 

We are a bit late jumping on the "LOVE FRANCE & HOPE TO GO TO PARIS SOMEDAY" train, but hey we are on that train now! Not really on our way to France. We are definitely still in the dreaming stage. 

We have been doing some French language lessons on our Duolingo app.

We have watched The Kings of Pastry on Netflix. 

I have been reading a little on other people's adventures. I have looked at pictures and dreamed that when I get the chance to go that my pictures would turn out that good! 

So all that to say, is that when you are excited about something, usually 
your kids will be too. In this case, daughter watched The Kings of Pastry with me and than instantly wanted to bake a cake. 

She did so good! She knew she wanted a green border on the bottom and flowers. She designed it herself and I was just a helper if she wanted. The cake looked beautiful and was moist and yummy too. Win-win!! 

Her finished product. She is covered in powdered sugar and happy as can be about it. "Mom. I like being messy with baking." 

I think our next creation will be an apron. 

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