Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New things

I'm two weeks into the pottery class I signed up for. I am loving it! The dirtiness of clay and water slipping through my hands and splattering on the wall is just awesome! The cleanup isn't bad either. I have wanted to take a class for so long and I'm just thrilled to have taken the time out to finally do it. My instructor is so fun. She started in Maine, which is another thing on my list, to visit Maine in the Fall for my birthday. She shows me how and then the rest of the evening is basically quiet with a focused attention on getting that 1 pound clump of goodness to be centered and spun into something imperfectly beautiful, or in the words of my teacher, organic. :) 

Last year Micheal ventured out to do a new thing; scuba diving. This year we are both determined to not be stagnant, but to keep on growing and learning and opening ourselves up to new ideas and adventures, whether that is through a book, experience or hanging out with people that bring about conversation and thoughts that we haven't thought before. 

There is a whole world out there waiting to meet you. Waiting to be discovered! We won't get to it all but but we must be intentional in our daily choices so we can experience at least some of it! 

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