Friday, January 10, 2014

The mountains were calling

In fact they are always calling. Rarely do we listen. We should stop that. 

We stayed in a cabin for Christmas. It was so so lovely to break away and rest. We ate a lot of great food. We trekked around the woods. We had a great time with family. Not nearly as much snow as there usually is but none the less fun. 

The kids and I were reading A Child's History of the World. The chapter on King Nebuchadnezzar and his wife. Her hometown, Media, was full of wild mountains and when she moved to Babylon she became homesick because of all the flatness of her new home. So what did her king and husband do? He built her a mountain full of flowers of course! Right on his palace! Turns out he was crazy evil too, but let's not talk about that right now. 

I miss the ocean sometimes. Man, I just look at pictures and want to transport there immediately. I wish someone would create an ocean in Idaho. ;) 

For now I will take the mountains. 

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