Thursday, January 16, 2014

1,2,3.... GO!

It's 8:11. I haven't much time. As it is I thought my time this morning would be gone already. Overtime. Things are getting serious. 

I was up before the sunrise. That almost never happens. I liked it. Weird. It was beautiful and my stomach was growling. 

I made another list of random things I want to do. I read my Bible. Ezekiel actually. If you want to read some science fiction, there is it in all it's glory. Crazy stuff I tell ya! God has a BIG imagination. 

There has been toast and tea and 2 cups of water. As I type I think why am I even sharing this. I probably won't post this random assortment of facts and letters. But maybe I might. I am living on the wild side this morning. 

In all reality, I have seen on a couple blogs where they just start writing for 5 minutes and don't really think about what they are writing. They just do it and then stop after 5 minutes. I thought I would give it a go. Seems easy enough. 

I like photos. I wish I had better skills. Especially the editing side of things. I want to travel and take pictures of people all over the world. I want to visit places that need a voice, telling others how much they have gone through and how they could help. I want to see their lives. Their victories and culture. Their battles and defeats. I want to take pictures of people's faces, not smiling at the camera, although if that were how they were truly feeling, that would be alright. But more along that line, how they are truly feeling. No staging. Just people in their raw vulnerability. I want to be more vulnerable. I want to let people in. Tell them my past. Tell them my dreams. Tell them how much love I have to give. I want people to love me too. 

I type a lot of the letter "I", I've noticed. It would be nice to grow in my writing capabilities. It is something I have never thought I was much good at, but I am drawn to it for some odd reason also. Maybe because I want to conquer it. I was teased for the words I would mix up when I was younger and as I am 30 now and looking at life in new ways, examining some things, I see that I am self-conscience with my words still. I want to work on my vocabulary and speech so that I can not be so self-conscience, but have confidence in what I am trying to get across to someone. There is a group called the Toast Master's club. They work on public speaking. I think I may look into joining. 

And at that, my time is up. 

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