Friday, January 4, 2013

6 weeks

All is well in our little world....

Little Liam Lover, as we like to call him, gets plenty of attention. Sometimes maybe we get a little too close for comfort though.....

What happened you may ask? Little Liam Lover turned into a little fighter! Ha! Not really. He is strong, but not too strong yet. Zade got head butted! 

He is 6 weeks old today. He is in a nice little routine. I noticed just a few days ago. Sleeps and eats through the night and doesn't try to stay awake, awake during the early morning, sleeps through the afternoon and is awake again in the late evening. He is looking around a lot more. His eyes catch the fan when we lay on the couch. He smiles! Love that big ol smile he has! He is held pretty much the whole day, unless we can slip out of his embrace and not wake him up! He loves the loudness of our family too and I think he may be our loudest yet. What a grunter he is! 

I try to journal when I can. Time is gone so quickly and then all I see is an eight year old. Man, Grace is so big and so in love with Liam. What an amazing sister she is. 

Loving the new year so far! 

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