Monday, January 14, 2013

5 hours + more snow + books books books

We are done with our second week of the year! I woke up at 3:45 Saturday morning and realized it had been 5 HOURS since Liam had eaten!!  I was so stoked! I actually went to bed the same time as him, so I got 5 hours in a row! It's been at least 7 weeks since that has happened! That's my big news of the week. :) 

It snowed a ton this week. Way more than last and it is the nice fluffy powder! It is beautiful and sparkly and the kids love it. 

Micheal and the kids shoveled snow all day while i enjoyed a nice quiet, warm day inside.
I do not enjoy the cold. Not a day goes by that I haven't dreamt of Hawaii! I long for the water more than anything. Warm water with sand between my toes and the hot sun on my back. Maybe this year we will get over there again.  A girl can dream. :)

Since I have had so much time indoors, I have tried to read as much as possible. I think we may have a long winter ahead of us so I hope the reading continues strong. I just finished Radical by David Platt and loved it. I wish it were my book because I would have highlighted a ton of it. It was an easy read as far as reading goes, but oh so challenging as far as living out Christ in me. I recommend it to anyone who thinks the American way of Christianity is lacking and wants a clear direction to the Jesus of the Bible. 

I just started the Hobbit! I am loving it so far and totally want to get wrapped up in it and not put it down till the last page, but having four children and homeschooling and cleaning and cooking just won't let that happen! Darn! Maybe this weekend. 

I also started a book about David Livingstone. Good but a bit dry. Older style of writing/language so it's just different. But I kind of like it that way because it challenges me more. I really would love to work on my vocabulary. Micheal was teasing last night because I was reading the dictionary! 

I am hoping to read at least one book a month. 

Any recommendations? 

P.S. Isn't he getting so chunky?!! I squeeze and smooch him all day long! 

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  1. I can not believe how chunky he is!!!!!! I love you guys!