Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have a few goals concerning photography this year. Last year I started a picture a day project, only to get barely into February and fizzle out. That was lame. Was it really only into February?!! Ha! And to think I scoffed at the Project 52 with just a picture a week. Wellll, I think that may be the goal this year!
I have a few themes rolling around in my head but mainly the photos will all be lifestyle. I am finding I like these kind of photos the best. I tried scrolling through a lot of our 2012 photos (WAY TOO MANY!) and I CANNOT believe how big the kids have grown through the year and all the fun we have had! SO thankful for all those pictures! I have the worse memory so they really mean a lot to me.

Another goal is to take some of those 2012 photos and put them into a book. Also to keep some of the really great ones I take this year in a folder to make it easier to order and make a book next year. I started making a book and quickly realized how hard it is to pick just a few out of thousands. 

# 3 is to work on my editing. So much to learn. Yikes. Definitely my most daunting goal.
#4 is to get more creative. Different perspective, lighting, flash, going the extra mile to set up a fun themed shoot with the kids, etc.
#5 is to just plain enjoy the process of photo taking. I got a little tired the end of last year. Being pregnant will do that to ya! I hope to find some new creativity this year.
#6 is to actually order prints and get them up in our home. I am terrible about this. Seriously lame.

6 goals. Shouldn't be too hard eh?

Okay. I just added one more to my list.
#7. Be okay with crappy photos. A crappy photo is better than no photo and when one of my sweet
kids says, "Mom, can I take a picture of you?" when I have just woken up and have bed head and puffy eyes, well, I just know I will appreciate the above picture someday! 

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  1. Awesome! I cant wait to be part of one of these themed shoots!! I can not believe how big Liam is!! I am coming in February!