Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Winter

Winter is here and it is really feeling like it around these parts. 
I love when there is a lot of snow so the pictures are pretty and not
the dirty snow yuckiness! I tend to stay inside but this year I am determined to get out
and enjoy the snow. There are plenty of hands to care for baby if need be! 

 Sweet little snow bunny! She is outside as much as she can be. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall. I love her love of the outdoors. 

Haha! No big deal. It's not cold or anything! Ah, kids. 

Miss Elise turned one! She's a fireball!! 

Those were some big flakes! Every time we drive up the mountain we wonder why we don't live there. 
The river and the pine trees. The snow in the winter and floating the river in the summer. It is GORGEOUS! 

Sometimes you need a little push. ;) 

Sometimes you need a big push! We got stuck but it all worked out. Good times! 

God is so smart with the whole idea of seasons. I love change and just about the time I am ready for something new, here it comes. 

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