Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January..... almost gone already

We are finding a rhythm here at this humble space we call home. Most days are smooth sailing with just a little chaos, because what house with 4 kids or 2 kids or 8 kids or no kids doesn't have a little chaos? 

Liam loves tummy time! He coos and smiles and is getting stronger and stronger every day. Also, I have to put a new outfit in the clothes bin just about every day that he has grown out of! BIG BOY!

There's a lot of reading. Math. Videos. Games. Water on the ceiling. Avett Brothers. Food cooking. Food burning. Food on the floor. Lack of vacuum again for 2 weeks. Beautifully stacked firewood. Coffee. 
Legos. Diapers thrown into the kitchen. Laundry. Bible study. Working out. Just a little. Yarn strewn about the living room, AKA spider webs! 
Laughter. Tears. More laughter. Baby smiles! And 6 souls thoroughly enjoying it all together. Constantly together. 

I'm reading a new book. Home-Making by J.R. Miller. I have wanted to read it forever and finally bought it. It is simple and inspiring and I will make each of my children read it when they are older. It will prepare them for marriage and parenthood and family and life. Make your home lovely. It really is important. What we do everyday is important. Make the good habits strong. Make sure to cultivate love in your home. 

Zade's favorite song lately is More love, more power. I have sung this song for years. It's a good one but lately God has been showing me how to love deeper and as we sang it over and over this morning, I found tears in my eyes.
I so desire more love and more of His holy power moving through me and my home. Lord, let it be so.  

Being at a new church is so encouraging. I get giddy hearing the word of God. I am frantically trying to keep up and write down all the good nuggets being taught.  Terrible handwriting but the words are there. God's love sent down from heaven to meet with us. Save us. Show us the way. Him being the way, the truth and the life. Is it a coincidence that I read two of the exact passages that our pastor shared early Sunday morning while everyone else was still sleeping? Is it a coincidence that I just finished John and the kids are reading John in school and memorizing John 14:6? I'm just following the plan in our bought program! When God speaks, He really goes for it and makes it come alive and repeats Himself as much as He needs to. I'm so so thankful for that because I used to think I was a quick learner but have since come to realize I don't pick up on things too quickly. And I need it repeated. And then repeated again! 

It's was a fantastic week. We are celebrating Z's birthday this week and he has learned from his Aunt that it is WAY cooler to celebrate the whole week long! 
I have a few special things planned for his actual birthday. A couple things I have never done. Yay for new traditions! 


  1. Love you guys! I want to kiss that little guy, the yawn picture is amazing! I want to kiss all of you!!! I have been singing Blessed Assurance a lot, came out of nowhere, old hymn!

  2. i love your blog!! i wish you were local so you could do our photographs, yours are beautiful! congrats on little liam he is so sweet. hope things are great!!

    1. Well, I do plan a trip up to Oregon every year so if you want some pictures done let me know! Not sure when we are coming up this year but probably sometime in the summer. I would love to see your family!!

    2. Oh that would be awesome!! Just let me know when you are planning on visiting. summer photos would be fun!