Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 months and going broke

Welp. The little man is 2 months old. He has at least doubled in his weight and has received at least 500,000 kisses! Not a bad couple of months if I do say so myself. ;) I think he looks like my sister! Took me two months to figure it out! I would love to compare baby pics. 

Fact. Baby toes are SO MUCH CUTER than adult toes! 

I still get giddy looking at him! He is such a blessing to our family. 
All the siblings just love him and hold and kiss and cuddle and kiss again and laugh and exclaim over all his little coos and burps and farts and sweet baby things! Daddy thinks he will be an early talker because of all the noises he is making. Just add it to the chaos I say!! It is not hard to get smiles out of him either and the kids LOVE that! He barely has to make a sound and he is immediately swooped up and taken care of. 

On other news, we've got two kids losing teeth and therefore I make it a point to have cash on hand! I tend to never have any but what a disappointment that would be to them! They lucked out when all I had was 5's and 20's! They got the 5 I should add. :) Grandma was here when Z lost his first tooth and she got in on the giving too. ;) 

Speaking of Grandma's... 

their other wonderful Gma sent t-shirts and pecans in the mail. Who doesn't love getting a surprise package in the mail?! They love their shirts and I love the pecans. I have a bag next my bed for late night movie snacks. 
Thanks Mom! 

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