Monday, October 8, 2012

32 weeks

Yesterday's makeup. Tired eyes. I don't care. I am 32 weeks pregnant! 
Just getting a picture taken sometimes is hard work. Ha! Sounds so ridiculous, 
but life is crazy. Grace has gotten pretty descent with the camera. I just need one good one! 
We went to Boise this weekend and had a great time with the family. Stayed up late. Talked and ate good food. Shopped. Walked around all over. I bought a super cute hat for the baby. I can't wait to 
see this little child and take far too many pictures and kiss it's whole face a million times a day. 
I bought myself some "thanksgiving" pants!! I plan on wearing these babies until I give birth and probably all the time after birth too! They are so comfortable. I hope they don't fall apart on me! 

32 weeks feels so good. I have energy, although I sleep in til 9 usually. I stay up late and get up a lot to pee during the night, so really I am not sleeping much more than usual. 
I have been baking up a storm! Pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg, along with sugar and butter are a constant sight on our counter. It explains the large rear end that is happening. Oh well. Soon enough
and it will be Spring and I will be walking and losing the weight. 

We have a box of boy clothes from my sis in law and a bag of girl clothes from my Aunt!
We have the wood all stacked and ready so the house will be warm and cozy. Now
we just continue to wait. :) 

This kind of waiting is good though. 

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  1. You look fabulous! I cant wait to give that baby kisses too!!! So excited!