Monday, October 15, 2012


I told them to imagine they were the Bennet sisters in a field, daydreaming the day away. Come to find out Pride and Prejudice is one of their favorite books! These girls LOVE to read! 
I was really excited to take these girls' photo! Made me think that the next time I am up visiting my own sister, we need to have a sister shoot! Sisters are one of the biggest blessings here on earth and I like to hear when sisters recognize that fact and appreciate each other. My daughter is praying for a sister and although they would be more than 8 years apart, I really do hope she gets to experience having a sis. 

Doesn't she look so different (older!) in this one? 

Sometimes it is so hard to decide between B&W and color. I love both of these last two so much. Her red hair and the green and black just makes me happy!! Funny that I see she is the feistier of the two. There really must be something to that red hair!! 

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