Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Miss Grace: creative to the core.  She enjoys cursive more than print, encouraged by her Daddy. 
Why have plain writing when you can have loops and curves and put a little flair into all those letters! 

Zader Maders: strong-willed and always funny. He has freckles that you can't see in these photos and new ones this week. He cut his own hair and refuses to let me trim it up. "I like it this way." Choose your battles huh?

August: teaching himself math. Counted far higher than I knew him to be able. Always building and loves My Singing Monsters on the ipad. 

Liam lovers: the hurricane! He is everywhere! I don't sit for longer than 2 minutes at a time when he is awake. And when he sleeps, I cry as I hold him in my arms and realize just how sweet he is and how fast it goes with children. Such is life. 

These pictures fill my heart. They remind me of how good I have it. They bring me back to gratitude and love. These are the days that I capture and think that it would be so nice to have a quiet moment, but know that I really will miss the crazy and chaotic when in the future Micheal and I look at each other and have all the time we need to discuss the events of the day without being disrupted. And we will hold hands and think back on our beautiful life. 

And I'm sure I will take a picture of those hands clasped together so I can remember to be thankful for what is now- which will be then. 

For now, I clasp my own hands and look up to the heavens to give thanks to God for all He has provided and all He has done. 

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