Saturday, March 15, 2014

Growing in sincerity

Recently I have been learning through my own circumstances about sincerity for others. I tend to not only get over things quickly, but to not be able to really put myself in someone else's shoes to truly understand how they might be feeling. It is far easier though for me to feel as I watch a video about the issue or person's life. Videos can be so powerful and they can really transport you to that scene and circumstance, almost feeling like you are there experiencing it also.  

This is when some might use the term..... I digress...... but can I just say that that term totally irritates me! So anyways, as I was saying......

everything we go through can and should be used to help us out in life. To teach us compassion or sincerity. To show us how someone else has felt in times past when they were going through the same thing and we just couldn't understand how they felt or why they made the decisions they did. 

I was just putting the baby to sleep and enjoying a quiet moment and realized that I am dealing with something in a relationship and it is coming to light why. I had to laugh, quietly, as I could see Jesus with a slight grin on his face as He watched me have an awakening experience. 

Awakening to that feeling of compassion and understanding. That slow exhale and prayer of "Aahhhhh, yes Lord. I get it. I'm so sorry for being so slow to understand, but I get it now. Help me to tuck this little bit of wisdom away and not forget. Help me to understand when this topic comes up again and to encourage another. Help me to be compassionate and loving." 

I have a difficult time putting thoughts together and working through them to understand what it is that I am going through. I guess that can sound very shallow, but I just mean that maybe I don't stop and take the time to do what I need to when it comes to working on the issues of life. I just want to keep truckin' but sometimes that truck needs to park and give 'er a rest. Let the motor stop and just be silent and let the Lord speak. 

Nursing my sweet boy tonight was just the time I needed to be quiet and let the Lord do the talking. He revealed a big thing to me tonight. I am thankful. There are tiny shoots growing up out of my heart. A deep life, with God right there in the middle, gently showing me the way. 

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