Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More of the little man

because I just can't get enough of him! 

Just about the time we get everyone snuggled into bed, Liam realizes it is quiet and wakes up! He likes the night life! Right now he is laying by the Christmas tree staring at the lights. The fan caught his eye today too. He has a descent amount of hair, but he is moving around more now and I think it will get rubbed off soon. Sad. Not sure if it's true but I had a lot more heartburn this pregnancy and he has the most hair of any of our kids. Supposedly there is a link between the two. 

Zade wasn't feeling too good that day. Not that he is a big snuggler anyways. ;) 


It's still sinking in that I am a Mom to 4 children, three of them BOYS!! 

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