Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's been a dreamy couple of weeks. Lots of snuggling and kissing. And eating! Both Liam and me! I forgot how hungry you are when nursing. Liam giggled in his sleep the other night. I was so happy to be awake and be able to hear that! He had a bit of jaundice and some baby acne, but things are clearing up. My mom is in town and it's been lovely. She is spending a lot of time with the older kids and they are loving the attention. With Micheal back to work, it's nice to have Mom here so I can spend these first few weeks doting on Liam. 

He looks a little different every day. I guess they do that. :) 
We got our Christmas tree last night and after we got it all decorated, 
I sat in the rocking chair, holding baby, with a huge smile across my face. 
For the last 9 months, this is what I was longing for. 
Colder days with baby in my arms, staring at the Christmas tree lights all aglow with Christmas music playing softly. 

God has answered all of our prayers for this baby so far. He just continues to amaze and bless us. 

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

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