Thursday, November 29, 2012


It is true, every labor is different. Every child has their own story of coming into this world. 
With that said, this labor/delivery was SO different from my other ones. 
The labor itself, before pushing was amazing. Barely any pain. Contractions far apart, which made me think I wasn't really in labor. Oh, but I was! Midwife checked me and I was at an 8 and it didn't feel like I had done any work yet. :) 
I had been taking a 5 week herbal formula for labor and it sure did it's job! 
The support I had throughout the last 39 weeks and during labor was such a blessing to me. 
My dear daughter stayed the whole time and was such a help with drinks and holding hands. She was so interested in how it all works. She did a great job! Love that she got to experience this with Micheal and me and that she was able to see her little brother be brought into this world. 
Micheal naturally was awesome as usual. Helping wherever needed and comforting me. 
Our midwife is a great teacher and we both tried to take in as much as possible. She is a wonderful woman. I am so thankful that God opened her heart to us and that she was able to help us in this way. 
My sis in law was there too and I can't help but encourage any laboring woman to have someone there for YOU that knows what to do in labor and delivery. To have a doula was amazing and honestly,
the birth would not have gone as smoothly and wonderfully without her. If you don't have one,

These pictures were all taken within the last couple of hours when the contractions had gotten hard. 
I love that everyone grabbed the camera at different times to document a little of what went on that special November day, almost a week ago already! Time goes by far too fast. 
Back to snuggling with that sweet baby now. 
Newborn pics to come soon. :) 

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  1. soo sweet! These are such beautiful tidbits, thank you for sharing. Cant wait to see pics of baby with the family :)